My name is Dzulkanean Ali

My friends call me Dzul — the "D" is silent, like Django. I studied Experience & Product Design, but I like to think of myself as a visual and brand specialist. I believe that form is as equally important as functionality. With that philosophy in mind, I am an expert at fashioning things that are visually appealing yet functional.

Occasionally, I pick up my Lumix GX7 and shoot lookbooks & content material for brands to use on their social media and Singapore's fine architecture; titled Scouting Singapore.

I believe that as designers, we are problem solvers! We solve your problems in a creative/unorthodox perspective. Having said that, I would love to lend a hand and bring your stories to life, operating in the field of branding, visual illustrations and product.

So what's WORKSPΛCE? It is a multi-disicplinary studio and location that I check in on social media when I'm working on projects. Feel free to contact me and get in touch on a project.