30 Days of Food—A Documentation by Kyle Lehman / by Dzulkanean Ali

“Kyle Lehman is a Freelance Photographer based out of Eau Claire Wisconsin. Specializing in Digital Photography and Film Production.”image

Wisconsin based photographer, Kyle Lehman has embarked on a quest to photograph the best meal that Eau Claire has to offer for the month of May. Titled 30 Days of Food, it includes documentations of mouth-watering steak, burgers & toasts. 
Aside from food photography, Kyle has done some photography and documentation for some of your favourite festivals & bands such as Vans: Warped Tour and recently, The Summer Set and The Picture Perfect.


Up next on his agenda, Kyle will be filming a documentary of band members from Ever After, Cartel and Hit The Lights. More photos available on his Instagram & Facebook. Be sure to follow him on his adventure!
Source: http://dzulkaneanali.co