/ by Dzulkanean Ali


Last Friday, I had the pleasure of working with the entire Sweet Xcape crew. For those reading or clueless on what Sweet Xcape is, Sweet Xcape consists of DJ’s LeNerd, Nashd & Hanif going ham side by side and vibing with the crowd for the entire night.

Well, basically, my “job” for the entire event was to do a visual documentation of the madness.

Hosted at DREAM (Zirca/Rebel circa 2013), the event started off with my buddy T.M.O doing an opening set at 10/11pm. *Side comment: I really think DREAM needs a revamp of their current logo. I’m just not feeling it. I find that it doesn’t appeal youthful or even dreamy — considering that most of their attendees are youth/young working adult. More like a Thai Disco.*

Party starts to get wild with the crowd gushing in around 12 midnight and I was all set with my Nikon D3100 (18mm—55mm kit lens). Yes, I have the most basic equipments ever.

Having said that, it was really a challenge for me to find the right lighting conditions and timing. I didn’t have a flash diffuser and had no experience in taking club photography prior to this.

Now here is where my skills and motto (do the best with what you have) got tested. Damnit. I managed to get some entrance shots, crowd shots, *DJ’s having their hands in the sky* shots and also some raining confetti. 

The party ended around 3:30am with the security shutting down right on time and getting people out ASAP. Hey I get it, we all want to go back to our bed…

But safe to say, I managed to neatly pulled it off. Shooting RAW definitely saved my life. Hey! Make the best out of what you have.

Peace! Till the next blog entry.

Photos from Sweet Xcape can be viewed here: https://www.flickr.com/gp/dzulkanean/7M5911/

Source: http://instagram.com/dzulkanean